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June 17, 2011
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''Dad it is time for me to take responsibility'' Kurt said to his father as he worked on his own car. Burt looked up from under the hood of the car. ''And what exactly do you mean by that?'' Burt asked his son. Kurt took a deep breath. ''I want a dog'' Kurt said. Burt almost dropped the wrench he was holding. ''Kurt are you serious?'' he asked once again. Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes. ''Yes dad I am serious, I took good care of Pavarotti so why can't we get a dog?'' Kurt asked his father. Burt sighed. ''We don't have time for a pet'' Burt said retuning to his buissness. ''Please I promise to walk, feed and clean him just pleaseeeeeeeeeee dad'' Kurt pleaded. Burt gave in to Kurt's plea. ''All right here is my credit card and ask Finn if he could drive you to the pet store and pick you a dog'' Burt said handing his credit card to Kurt. Kurt squealed and jumped up and down in glee (No pun intended) and ran straight to Finn's room.

He bursted into Finn's room causing him to fall out from his bed with a loud thud. ''Kurt a warning next time'' Finn said as he rubbed his head. ''Finn get your car keys we are gonna get us a dog'' Kurt half squealed, half yelled. Finn sighed as he got his car keys and went to the care and drove Kurt to the pet store.

At the pet store.....
''Aww they are all so adorable'' Kurt said as he looked at the puppies. Then his eye caught a very particular puppy. He was black, and his fur is curly and his eyes were the most wonderful color of hazel Kurt ever have seen. The puppy ran up to the glass that was seperating him from Kurt's face. Kurt's heart almost melted at the sight. ''Aww I am going to pick you, you adorable ball of fluff'' Kurt said as he picked the puppy. He paid for the puppy and sat in the backseat of the car with the puppy sleeping loudly in his lap. Finn smiled at his brother. ''So is he going to be nameless or are you going to give him a name?'' Finn teased. Kurt rolled his eyes. ''Yes, his name is going to be Blaine'' Kurt stated proudly as he petted Blaine on the head. As Finn parked his car in the garage Kurt went inside with Blaine in his arms.

''Dad, Carole look at this adorable puppy I just bought'' Kurt said as he put Blaine on the floor. Blaine ran to Burt. ''Oh Kurt he is so adorable'' Carole said as she patted Blaine on the head. ''I know right, his name is Blaine'' Kurt said with a smile. ''Remember what you promised Kurt'' Burt said. Kurt nodded as he ran upstaris with Blaine. Kurt smiled. ''You and me are going to have so much fun Blaine'' Kurt said as he put a red and navy blue striped collar with Blaine's name on it. Suddenly a puff of smoke appeared, surrounding the puppy. Kurt coughed. As the smoke cleared a boy abour his age stood in front of him. He was sporting dog ears and a tail. Kurt noticed that he hadn't any clothes on and a small puft of smoke was covering his private parts. ''Wh-who are yu and what have you done to my dog?'' Kurt asked the boy. The boy just smiled. ''Is that how you speak to your dog'' the boy said, smiling. Kurt gasped. ''Blaine is it really you?'' Kurt asked, mostly to himself. Blaine nodded.

''But how?'' Kurt asked once again. Blaine smiled even wider. ''I am a special spieces of dog'' Blaine started to explain. ''Whenever you put the collar on me I turn into a human, but when you take it off I turn back to a dog'' Blaine finished. Kurt was apalled. ''And you are cute for a human'' Blaine said leaning closer. Kurt's heart went 88 MPH (No Back To The Future pun inteded). He grabbed the spray bottle and sprayed Blaine in the face. ''Aphph hey what was that for?'' Blaine asked as he wiped his face. Kurt smiled. ''You were a bad dog asnd bad dogs need to be punished'' Kurt said.
I jumped the Puppy!Blaine fanwagon.
Oh this picture is the inspiration of this fanfiction.
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ForeverKlaine Jun 20, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Oh my...This is just to adorable!
Xiaolin101 Jun 20, 2011  Student Artist
Yay! Puppy!Blaine is adorable. :3
Xiaolin101 Jun 19, 2011  Student Artist
Xiaolin101 Jul 10, 2011  Student Artist
Sorry 'bout that. Was watching Annoying Orange
Man's Best Friend yaoi!!!!
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