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(Mortal) Kombatiplier by Xiaolin101
(Mortal) Kombatiplier

The most fearsome warrior to ever come from Outworld. This saurian posesses the mouth that resembles that of a venus flytrap and a thirst for flesh and blood. 

Phrases before battle

“I’ll give you a taste of my power”

“You are a fool to think you can defeat me”

“Bring it on”

Signature moves 

Toxic Mist: Kombatiplier grabs the opponents head and breathes a deadly mist in their mouth causing them to burn inside and out

Slasher Fest: Kombatiplier kicks his opponent in the chest and then proceeds to slashe their face with his razor sharp claws.

I Stole Your Face: Kombatiplier bites into his opponent’s face and rips his/her’s face off

X-Ray Move: Deadly Assasination: Kombatiplier jabs his claws into his opponent’s skull repeatedly

<More info to come>


Tokyo Airport..9:30 in the morning...

"So is that Mitsuru guy gonna meet us here or do we need to find him?" Ben asked looking around the airport for him. Jen shrugged as she looked at the gauntlet.  Suddenly a man approached them. He wore a long, rugged lab coat with a red shirt underneath. His hair was a brown untidy mess with a red highlight.He looked like he had just woken up in the middle "Are you Jen and Ben Thompson?" he asked. Jen nad Ben echanged looks before nodding. "Come. We've got no time to lose...also why did Dowh give you those old fashioned things...let's go to my lab so you can answer there" the man said.

Jen and Ben suddenly got dragged to a shining red car. "Hold on who are you and how do you know about Dowh?" Jen asked. The man hushed her. "Not so loud do you want  Shocker to find us in the open like this?" he siad putting Jen and Ben's bag's in the trunk of his car. He ushered the teenagers in the backseat and got in the drivers seat. He started the car and drove off. "Sorry for not introducing name is Mitsuru Matsuoka...head scientist of Eternal Lab" Mitsuru introduced himself. "Well you know who we are" Ben said with a smile. The car skidded to a halt infront of a building. He ushered the teenagers out of the car and grabbed their bags.

"Welcome to Eternal proudest achievement" Mitsuru said. Jen looked at him. "Why did you bring us here?" she asked. Mitsuru smiled and led the teenagers to a small room. "To give you these" Mitsuru said pointing at a glass case. Inside were chibi like versions of the Kamen Riders. "Ehhhh this is the Kamen Riders without their suits on...this is so freaky" Jen said looking at the small chibi-fied riders. "Those are called Nanos they are to give the Riders some sort of physical form...go on insert the disc in the slot located on their backs" Mitsuru said opening the glass case. Ben picked up the Nano that looked like Shinnosuke. "WHoa...they feel so this some sort of vinyl to give them the realisitc feeling of skin" Ben asked. Mitsuru nodded. "Yes..just a small touch now please insert the discs into the robots. Ben put Drive's disc in the slot and the small robot came to life.

The small robot yawned and stretched it's small robotic limbs. "Officer Shinnosuke Tomari reporting for duty" the small robot said saluting Ben. Jen did the same with Gaim.  "The name's Kouta Kazuraba...this is my stage now" he said. "These are so adorable...what can they do?" Jen asked. "Well they can transform and turn normal sized but only for a limited set of time. They can also hover and sense danger nearby. Oh and if they are returned to chibi size they can still fight...they are immensly powerful" Mitsuru said listing off the important this. "I see but I still don't know why we are here?" Ben asked. "Didn't Dowh tell you? nevermind I'll provide the explanation...Shocker are on the rise again. As you know the Riders won the war gainst Shocker all the that time ago by giving up their physical forms and becoming these discs The Riders who gave up their physical form are searching for people who can aid them in their battle against Shocker. Gaim and Drive chose you...and I am here to guide you, to train you in being in synch with them" Mitsuru explained. jen raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean in synch?" she asked.  Mitsuru sighed in frustration. "To truly see if you are compatible with the Rider who has chosen you you must see if you can peform a Fusion" he explained. "Fusion? What's that?" Ben asked. "When you literally become 1 with Drive for example you use his power, his Types and Tire Changes to unleash a powerful attack. But not many who has tried have succeeded...Shinnosuke and Kouta thinks that you are their true partners in this battle...but we are not gonna try out Fusion today...I have another mission for you" Mitsuru said.

"What is that mission? Jen asked. "To find the other Riders and their partners" Mitsuru said
So recently there has been a terror attack in Denmark in which a 30-year old jewish man was killed. Why am I telling you this you may ask?

Well at work we were discussing this. Then someone had the fucking guts to utter these words in my precence.
"If you are jewish then you deserve to die"

I turned around and I told him this.
"If you think that killing innocent people is alright then don't bother talking to me. I do not want to be your friend"

 I do not want anything to do with a person who thinks it is ok to kill an innocent man because of his religion. If you think that is ok then go ahead and un-watch me because I do not want to talk to people that think that it is ok to kill innocent.

No matter if they are jewish, muslim,black or white we are still people and we deserve to be treated as such. All people deserve respect.


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Victoria Ademi
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Hi there my name is Victoria your regular Kamen Rider geek nad tumblr lurker. Wanna be friends?

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