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Kamen Rider W x Miraculous Ladybug by Xiaolin101
Kamen Rider W x Miraculous Ladybug

Yes…I crossed Kamen Rider W with Miraculous Ladybug Shoutaro is Chat Noir and Philip is Ladybug

god Philip’s eyes look wonky….

Jack Zilla

Son of Godzilla The King of the Kaiju
Age: 17 (in kaiju years) 

Killer style: I like the Japanese fashion style quite a bit. Combine it with holes and tears for my back spines and tail along with some keyrings with buildings on it and boom you got the fashion style of a kaiju.

Freaky Flaw: Well I tend to knock things over with my tail. And also my rather large size makes it easier for me to accidentaly step on someone. The curse of being the son of the infamous Godzilla I suppouse.

Favorite Colors: Concrete grey. You know same as the buildings I destroy...or rather will destroy in the future.

Favorite Food: Steak and french fries with a side of nuclear waste sauce. Yum

Biggest Pet Peeve: People goin' "Watch out it's Gojira" in the hallways to mock me. That joke has officially run it's course. 

Favorite Activity:You might think because I am the son of Godzilla that I like to destroy buildings ....but no I actually like to build models of famous bulidings. My latest was the Big Ben.

Pet: Cerberus. A tiny  kaiju puppy someone had abandoned so I took him home and now he is my loyal's a wonder the radiation I emit hasn't made him grow into a ferocious beast. 

Friends: Draculaura, Jackson Jekyll, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Ghoulia Yelps and Lagoona Blue (I have more friends but there are only 6 squares)

Favorite School Subject: Physical Deaducation. My large size gives me quite the advantage in casketball.

Least Favorite Subject: Clawcuöus....numbers are hard
Monster High OC: Jack Zilla
Happy Halloween everybody.
To celebrate I have created a new Monster High OC.
Meet Jack Zilla the son of Godzilla
Wonder what :iconalyssatolensky: would think of him
Sakura here. After a few months of training and learning how to use the RideGate Brace the professor sent me on a mission away from town. And I can't lie I was really nervous The professor told me there was another summoner in a city called Fuuto. Which was way too far away from Tokyo. But he said it was urgent. So here I am on the train to Fuuto...with Chase, Gou and Shinnosuke pretending to be  keyholders dangling off my purse. I had the RideGate brace under my clothers and the Ride Chips in my purse.

"I wonder how this other summoner will be? Shinnosuke said. I looked around to see if anyone were listening to me before replying. "I don't know. Maybe he is nice" i replied. I noticed an old lady looking at me in which I replied with a smile and a nod.

"Next stop Fuuto. Enjoy your stay at the Windy City" the conductor told over the train's speaker. I quickly got off the train only to be greeted by a large sign at the station.

"The Windy City welcomes you"

How corny. I looked at the adress that I had typed in my phone and followed the map the professor had given me. It took a while before I had found my destination. Narumi Detective Agency. I clipped Chase, Gou and Shinnosuke off of my purse and entered the building. "Hello...anyone there?" I called out.  A guy about my age stood in front of me. He looked very angry as if I had interrupted something important. "Uhm I am looking for a Takeru Hidari?" I asked careful as not to upset the man more than needed. "That's you have a case for me?" he asked. I shook my head. "My name is Sakura Yokohama and this is Chase, Gou and Shinnosuke my Rider partners we were sent here by professor Mitsuru Matsuoka" I said. Takeru frowned.. Well frowned more than  humanly possible. "What does that old geezer want this time. I told him I have no intrest in being a so called Summoner it is a waste of my time and resources" he said suddenly two C.H.I.B.I Bots appeared before me. "How intriguing" one said. He had a long robe like hoodie and held a tiny book in his hand. His long jet black hair were held up with office clips. The other  C.H.I.B.I however were dressed in a vest and nicer looking clothes. He also had a fedora on his head  "Takeru who is this?" the fedora clad robot asked. "It's someone who enjoys wasting valuable time dad" Takeru said. 

The fedora clad man was his dad? Anyway I needed to focus at the task at hand. "Please Professor Matsuoka said you wield the power of W and I need your help defeating the Shocker...please become a summoner" I said pulling out some Ride Chips and a spare brace. Takeru pointed at the robots floating next to him. "This is W. The guy in the fedora is my dad and this is his partner Philip" he said. Tkeru frowned. "Alright I'll be a Summoner" he grumbled. i could feel my smile becomeng very wide as I bowed and thanked him. "Might as well show you around Fuuto Sakura" Takeru said exiting the agency. 
Mitsuru attached a brace thing to Sakura's wrist. "Ok this is your RideGate brace with this you can summon Drive into battle. Just use these to summon Drive" Mitsuru said up a chip like thing in front of Sakura's face. "What is this?" Sakura asked. "That is a Rider Chip...not to be confused with the band. Go on put it on your RideGate brace" Mitsuru instructed. Sakura did as she was told and the brace started glowing.

"SummonRide: Drive"

Shinnosuke started glowing as a portal appeared in front of them and Shinnosuke flew through it.

"Drive Type: Speed"

Shinnosuke stood fully transformed and not so tiny any more in front of Sakura.  "Whoa...he is full sized now" she said feeling compelled to salute a fellow detecctive. Shinnosuke saluted back. "Impressive right..but remember this will last ony for at least 30 minutes then both Shinnosuke and the Rider try adding the Mach Nakama Chip in the otehr slot and see what happens ok" Mitsuru said. "O-ok" Sakura said shyly as she added the chip into the empty slot next to Shinnosuke's chip.

"Nakama Ride. Mach"

"Signal Bike: Rider. Mach

The same portal aapeared and Gou did the same thing Shinnosuke did and stood now fully sized and transformed before Sakura and Professor Matsuoka. 

"Searching...eradicating. Both done at mach speed. Kamen Rider...Mach" Gou said striking his trademark pose. "You do realize that Mach speed is like insanely fast right" Sakura said. Gou nearly fell on his face. " had to ruin the mood little lady" he muttered under his breath. Sakura looked down mumbling an apology. "Sakura that will not do you must have lot of bravery for this job do you understand me?" Mitsuru said. "IT'S NOT THAT EASY.....I've been bullied my whole life...I've had people telling me I am worthless so sorry if that has made me into the timid creature I am...I didn't ask to be bullied you stupid old man" Sakura bellowed at the professor. When she realized she clasped her hands in front of her mouth. "P-Professor I-I am so sorry that was incredibly rude" she apologized. "Now that's more like it...this is the first step of your training. Apology accepted by the way" he said smiling. Sakura smiled.
So recently there has been a terror attack in Denmark in which a 30-year old jewish man was killed. Why am I telling you this you may ask?

Well at work we were discussing this. Then someone had the fucking guts to utter these words in my precence.
"If you are jewish then you deserve to die"

I turned around and I told him this.
"If you think that killing innocent people is alright then don't bother talking to me. I do not want to be your friend"

 I do not want anything to do with a person who thinks it is ok to kill an innocent man because of his religion. If you think that is ok then go ahead and un-watch me because I do not want to talk to people that think that it is ok to kill innocent.

No matter if they are jewish, muslim,black or white we are still people and we deserve to be treated as such. All people deserve respect.


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